COVID-19 Assessment Centre to open in Trent Hills

Coronovairus Norhtumberland

TRENT HILLS, March 31, 2020 — Health care providers in Northumberland County have partnered to open a Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre. The centre will be used exclusively for the purpose of COVID-19 assessments and testing. Offered in addition to existing local COVID-19 assessment centres (Northumberland Hills Hospital, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Quinte Health Care), the Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre opened March 31, 2020. This is a mobile COVID-19 assessment centre that will be scheduled to locations in Campbellford, Warkworth and Hastings. The centre will initially open from 9am to 5pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Hours of operation may increase as the local COVID-19 situation changes. “The Trent Hills Family Health team anticipates the need for COVID-19 screening will continue to rise,” said Nurse Practitioner Samantha Dalby, Acting Infection Control Liaison for the team. “We are working with our regional partners and government agencies to provide residents with access to local assessment and testing.” The Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre will be operated by the Trent Hills Family Health Team and the Northumberland County Ambulance & Paramedic Services and is the result of collaboration between these organizations and the Northumberland Ontario Health Team network, Campbellford Memorial Hospital, and MPP Northumberland-Peterborough South David Piccini. “Thank you to the individuals and the health organizations that have worked tirelessly to make this centre in rural Northumberland a reality,” said MPP Piccini. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the remarkable front-line health care workers who will be working this assessment centre. In addition, I would like to commend everyone in our broader community for your efforts to ensure that we are keeping each other safe and healthy during these challenging times. Each one of us has an important role to play during COVID-19 and we are seeing first-hand what a caring community we live in.” The Trent Hills COVID 19 Assessment Centre will provide assessment and testing for individuals of all ages who have mild symptoms. “Northumberland Paramedics is pleased to collaborate with our community healthcare partners as we work through this crisis. As the frontline paramedics are poised for your health emergencies, Paramedic managers are stepping up to assist the community in this capacity,” said Bill Detlor, Chief of the Northumberland County Ambulance & Paramedic Service. 2 Trent Hills residents who have mild symptoms of COVID-19 should call their doctor or nurse practitioner’s office during business hours for an assessment. Trent Hills Family Health Team patients call their clinic Campbellford site 705-653-1801, Warkworth site 705-924-2230, Hastings site 705-696-2231, and Colborne site 905-355-2075. Trent Hills residents who are not patients of the Trent Hills Family Health Team (no doctor or nurse practitioner or provider is not local) call Campbellford Virtual Care Clinic 705-653-5040. “Assessment, testing, and isolation of positive COVID-19 cases is the most effective way to stop the transmission of the virus,” said NP Dalby. “We advocated to open the Trent Hills COVID-19 Screening centre to help our community stay safe. We need all residents to help us by staying home, staying healthy, and staying informed.”

Organizational & Procedural Information:

Mild symptoms of COVID19 include:

• Fever, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath (even when you’re not active)

• Muscle aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat, runny nose

• Symptoms in children may also be non-specific (e.g. lethargy, poor feeding)

People at higher risk for COVID-19 include:

• Over 70 years of age

• Have a condition that affects the immune system (e.g. HIV/AIDS)

• Have chronic health conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart disease)

• Receiving treatment that affects the immune system (e.g. chemotherapy)

• Health care workers

• Correctional facility workers

• Day care workers

• First Nations community residents

• Underhoused

• Live or work in an institution e.g. nursing home

People with a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 include those who:

• have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

• have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19

• have had close contact with a person who has new respiratory symptoms (see above)

The Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre will screen patients and book them for a test with the mobile centre if deemed appropriate. All callers will be provided with health education and direction. These directions may be to stay home with no action required at this time; stay home on self-isolation to await a test result; or to attend a hospital Emergency Department for further assessment for serious symptoms or urgent medical illness. Walk-ins (without an appointment) to the Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre are NOT permitted. Individuals may NOT call the mobile Trent Hills COVID-19 Assessment Centre directly and are asked to call their doctor or nurse practitioners office as listed above. If you have severe symptoms call 911. Severe symptoms include severe difficulty breathing (for example, struggling for each breath, speaking in single words), severe chest pain, confusion (for example, unsure of where you are), or lost consciousness. If you are experiencing these or other symptoms of urgent illness, you or a member of your household should call 911 immediately. Alert the dispatcher to the potential concern regarding COVID-19 so they can be appropriately prepared. All Trent Hills Family Health Team routine services have been modified to provide care at home during the COVID-19 state of emergency in the province of Ontario. 4 For the most recent provincial information on COVID-19, including symptoms to watch for and the status of cases in Ontario, the following are provided to support you: • Government of Ontario’s dedicated COVID website: • Haliburton Kawartha Pineridge District Health website at • Northumberland Hills Hospital dedicated COVID-19 page: • Telehealth Ontario – 1-866-797-0000

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