How Ruminants Fit in the Ecosystem: Grazing Animals and Soil Health

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By Susan Moore

On February 27 in Ivanhoe, the Hastings Stewardship Council presents “How Ruminants Fit in the Ecosystem: Grazing Animals and Soil Health,” the fourth presentation in their Winter Speaker Series 2020.

Sebastian Belliard, soil management specialist with OMAFRA, is passionate about healthy soils: soil carbon and nutrient cycling, soil structure, and soil ecology.

Katherine Fox, senior policy advisor with Beef Farmers of Ontario, is active in environmental and sustainability policy.
New research shows the importance of grazing animals and the symbiotic relationship between cattle and grassland. Sebastian Belliard will discuss what makes up a healthy grassland soil and the role of livestock in improving soil health and carbon sequestration. Katherine Fox will discuss the real cost of cutting out beef and dairy products.

Join us on Thursday, February 27 from 7 to 9 pm at the Huntington Veterans Community Hall, 11379 Highway 62, in Ivanhoe. An entrance fee of $5.00 per person (or a donation) will help cover costs. Children and students are free.

For more information, contact Ray Wellman at 613-848-7697 or Also visit

The aim of Hastings Stewardship Council is to achieve through voluntary efforts, a healthy and sustainable environment that will contribute towards the viability of agricultural and natural resources in Hastings County

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