Local municipalities and police services urge local drivers to ‘Slow Your Roll’

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Municipalities and police services across Northumberland County have partnered to launch a county-wide campaign urging drivers to ‘Slow Your Roll’ by reducing driving speeds and following the posted speed limits on Northumberland roads.

Local drivers can express their commitment to practicing safe driving by digitally signing the pledge available on Northumberland County’s website. Each participant who signs the pledge can opt in to receive a free ‘Slow Your Roll’ vehicle cling in the mail, which they can then place on their vehicle to show their support for the campaign and to help spread the word while they are out and about on Northumberland roadways.

“On behalf of our local municipal leaders, I encourage all Northumberland drivers to join us in pledging a commitment to ‘Slow Your Roll’,” states County Warden Bob Crate. “Community safety is a shared responsibility. As a collective, we need to work together to ensure our neighborhoods are safe places to live, work and play. Taking the time to drive at a safe speed is a small way to do your part in protecting the well-being of your friends, family members and neighbours.”

The ‘Slow Your Roll’ campaign was designed by the Inter-municipal Public Works Committee to address the ongoing issue of speeding in Northumberland County.

“Speeding is extremely dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians,” states Inter-municipal Public Works Committee Chair and County Manager of Project Engineering Denise Marshall. “The goal of this campaign is to remind local drivers that speeding is never worth the increased danger to yourself, your loved ones travelling with you, or other users of our roads. Drivers should always plan ahead to accommodate sufficient travel time, make sure to practice safe driving, and slow down to abide by posted speed limits, including lowered limits in community safety zones, construction zones and school safety zones.”

Those signing the pledge are encouraged to help spread the word about the importance of safe driving practices by:

· Sharing a photo on social media of the ‘Slow Your Roll’ cling on your car

· Using the hashtag #SlowYourRollNthld and

· Tagging Northumberland County in the post on Facebook (@ncounty) or Twitter (@nthld_county).

Drivers can make the pledge to slow their roll and register to receive a ‘Slow Your Roll’ vehicle cling at Northumberland.ca/SlowYourRoll.

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