New Year’s Evoutions

Erin O’Sullivan

I am that person who likes to make New Years resolutions. I am also the person who makes too many resolutions, can’t seem to follow through with them, and then berates herself around March for not following through on resolutions that seemed so important on January 1st.. Can it really be that three months have passed and I am still not a better person? So, when my friend Judy suggested New Years “Intentions”, rather than “Resolutions”, I thought that this was something I could actually live with. In no particular order, here are my 2020 New Years Intentions…

  1. Don’t fall off my horse
  2. Take that wild dog of mine to training class (again)
  3. Serve a great champagne at my daughter’s wedding
  4. Never say no to fun
  5. Figure out my new computer
  6.  Don’t fall off my horse
  7. Be less sarcastic and more positive (not sure this one will last until January 2)
  8.  Explore the Vintages section of the LCBO more thoroughly
  9. Don’t believe anyone who says it’s Decaf
  10.  Don’t fall off my horse
  11. Figure out what the smell is coming from in my basement
  12. Ditto the one from my fridge
  13. Do the stuff that scares me
  14. Learn the words to the new O Canada
  15. Teach Norm my cat to use the litter box (after 12 years it is seriously past time)
  16. Don’t fall off my horse
  17. Master a new cocktail
  18. Make a new friend
  19. Buy sticky riding pants (so I don’t fall off my horse)
  20. Make a campfire without a cheater log
  21. Go to TIFF or something TIFFish at the ARON theater in Campbellford
  22. Take a limousine to  the airport and back
  23. Be an amazing grandmother (I will asked to be called Lolli, and my husband to be called Pops, so the grandchildren can say they are going to ‘Lollipops’)
  24. Convince my son that Number 23 is a good idea
  25. Get a shorter horse

May the New Year bring you all peace and joy (and good luck with those resolutions).

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