Out in the Country: Challenge Resilience New Year

Trent Hills Tribune

By Trish Stenson

It always seems a wee bit bleak in January.  We ring out the old on December 31st and bring in the new on January 1st.  Each time another year is relegated to memory and we begin a fresh chapter a year older and hopefully a little bit wiser for the bumps along the way.

It’s the bumps that I both hate and love.  They inspire and terrify at the same time.  The status quo has no learning curve.  It is from the bumps along the path that we learn our most valuable lessons. To quote Nora Ephron “The grass is always greener over the septic field!”

So, my New Years resolution is actually not to make one at all.  I want to be more focused on the learning from last year and put that to the test on the challenges that are sure to unfold in 2019.  Let’s just say that predictability isn’t really in my ultimate goal.  Relying on my resilience and using the hard fought lesson learned is!

There are some things I would like to do though.  These aren’t resolutions but more like checklists that I can use at the end of 2019 to gauge my learning and review my bumps.  Here’s the list:

  • Be more mindful of how I use my time. While I don’t actually believe that balance is ever really attainable, I do believe that I need to be able to set clear boundaries to ensure that the time that I spend is a for profit proposition and not one that will deplete my already challenged emotional bank account.  Saying no is sometimes the best answer.
  • Continue to grow my business with the four point values that it was started with. These are: it has to be fun, it has to be fully integrated and supportive of community, it has to pay for itself and it has to pay it forward through creating employment and providing a warm place for customers to spend time.
  • Continue to support diversity in Trent Hills by being authentic to who I am and support the creation of safe spaces for others to appreciate and be true to their own authentic selves.
  • Challenge, challenge, challenge! Challenge through education, through confronting prejudice directly, challenge by expanding this column, challenge by encouraging and supporting queer youth to take on the challenge and become leaders in the continued fight for equality and understanding.
  • Engage, engage, engage. When I’m with family and friends make it a rule to be present in that moment.  Listen with intention and leave distraction on the sideline
  • Be present to new opportunities. Embrace new ideas and be open to hearing multiple points of view.  Hearing doesn’t mean you have to agree but hearing=respect and provides space for open dialogue.

There will be bumps, there will be sadness and there will be joy and laughter.  If 2019 shapes up the way 2018 has rolled in and rambled through, then it will be a successful year!  What’s in your challenge kit for the the New Year?

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