Paramedic Services Week recognizes paramedics on the front line during COVID-19

Paramedics week

This week, Northumberland County is recognizing paramedics working on the front lines to help fight COVID-19, and raising public awareness about protective measures in place to ensure the safety of community members and first responders during the pandemic.

This year, Paramedic Services Week takes place from May 24 to 30. Each day, the Northumberland County Facebook and Twitter feeds will feature photos, videos and helpful information on topics including the COVID-19 call-screening process with 9-1-1 dispatch, identifying the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn by paramedics, and the importance of access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the community.

“During Paramedic Services Week, we recognize and give thanks to local paramedics for their continuous efforts to protect and improve the safety of our community,” states County Warden Bob Sanderson. “These efforts are especially appreciated this year, as they face additional risk while working on the front lines amidst the current pandemic. On behalf of County Council and all Northumberland residents, I applaud our team of highly-trained paramedics for their bravery and ongoing commitment to ensuring a strong and vibrant Northumberland.”

Residents are encouraged to help protect the safety of first responders by staying informed, following the guidelines of public health officials, answering screening questions truthfully, and initially keeping a safe distance when paramedics respond to your call until they are able to conduct their assessment.

“Our local paramedics are well-equipped with the training and expertise required to safely care for our community members during COVID-19,” states Northumberland Paramedics Chief Bill Detlor. “During Paramedic Services Week, I would like to take the opportunity to thank our remarkable team of first responders for their tireless work on the front lines during this global pandemic.”

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