The Aron Theatre

Marcia Perryman

The Aron theatre is proudly presenting a winter series of thought provoking films. Our committee has selected diverse stories which we hope will intrigue and entertain you. The film series will run on Wednesday nights at 7pm and Thursday afternoons at 2pm and we will use the flex pass system similar to the fall Tiff series. The flex pass will be $32.00 for members of the Aron Theatre and $40.00 for non members. They will be available at the theatre and at Kerr’s Corner Bookstore in Campbellford.

Each screening will also include discussion afterward over coffee and cookies in the theatre. This will be an opportunity to discuss your experience with like minded film lovers.

The films begin in on January 8th and 9th with A Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk which is directed by Zacharias Kunuk. Noah Piugattuk’s nomatic Inuit band live and hunt by dogteam and life changes when he is approached by a Canadian government agent who encourages him to assimilate.

January 22nd and 23rd And the Birds Rained Down which is a haunting meditation on aging and self determination. It is a winner of several prizes and we are grateful to have this film.

February 5th and 6th Marianne and Leonard – a documentary of this powerful love relationship between the poet and his muse. Unique portrait of 1960’s bohemia and the music that was part of this experience.

February 19th and 20th Song of Names – the story of two young boys during the war whose friendship was centred on their mutual love of music. A powerful movie with haunting moments.

This is another creative opportunity for us to enjoy, thanks to the Aron Theatre Cooperative. Please support this experience as we look forward to the spring series of interesting films.

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